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Endoscope Camera 8mm WiFi for the Endoscopic Video Arrangement

October 23, 2016

As you know, endoscopic video systems are made to display the look on the monitor and document quality results. They are used with rigid and flexible fiber-optic endoscopes. In general, the playback quality system is made of an optical-mechanical adapter having a video camera, the control unit, and also the monitor. In some cases, the control unit might be omitted. And the monitor may be household TV or computer having an input video signal. So, you have to choose the endoscope camera. And today, I’d like to introduce a brand new WiFi endoscope camera for you guys.

This is undoubtedly an 8mm endoscope camera, which assists wireless WiFi connection. It can assist Android and iOS cellular phones. You just need to install the APP and do WiFi relationship with the endoscope camera, and then you can check the style. This camera includes 6 LED lights, ones the brightness is adjustable. With a 2M Pixel high-resolution CMOS camera, it supports HD 720P video.


Camera head OD: 8mm
Lens: 2M Pixel CMOS camera, 6 LEDs
Resolution: 640 x 480, 1280 x 720
Waterproof Level: IP67
Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Viewing Angle: 70 degree
Transmission distance: Within 5-30m
Effective Focal Distance: 4-6cm (The best viewing distance)
Battery Capacity: 500mAh (Last for 45 minutes)
System Requirement: iOS / Android / Windows / Mac
Cable length: 1/2/3.5/5 M

With the mini size and light-weight weight, this camera is portable to be used. And as a result of IP67 waterproof design, it is usually used underwater. Thanks to the sucker, you can easily mount the WiFi box within the back of phones and other places while using flat surface. And the WiFi box was built-in that has a 500mAh battery, which may work for 45 minutes, charge via 5V power. Compatible using the iOS/Android/Windows/Mac System, this camera supports picture taking and video recording on cell phones.

Generally speaking, this WiFi endoscope camera may be used as a possible underwater camera, waterproof micro-camera, automobile detector, sewer pipeline detector, search and rescue detector, criminal and custom detector, or archaeological detector. In addition, it may be used with the PCB detection, aviation and space industries, care and tractors industries, the petroleum drilling industry, construction industry and many others. By the way, in the act of the endoscope camera choice, you must decide what you need before selecting the control unit and be sure that you get the most effective estimate of your respective hard-earned money.

Top 5 Valuable Gadgets For a Construction Operator

October 23, 2016

One might can’t predict when a recently purchased tool might come in handy, and nobody desires to carry around a backpack stuffed with instruments and gadgets that could not even be needed. It is particularly crucial for construction workers, repairmen, and mechanics. Right tools make certain that people for these professions will work their job efficiently. There are numerous lists of multipurpose tools it’s possible to fit in a very pocket, however today we’re talking about small gadgets which might be useful in various situations. We are, needless to say, not dealing with heavy duty equipment which is utilized in regarding large objects, only small, pocket-sized-ish gadgets that happen to be easy to use and convenient to have. So here’s our 5 of gadgets for just a construction worker. Please note actually not stated in a certain order according to their price/usefulness.

Let’s focus on a device that may be very common on nearly all construction site. Laser distance meter is a straightforward yet sophisticated equipment which allows one to look at the exact distance between objects, walls etc. This device, namely LDM60 by General Tools, allows to single-handedly measure required distances without measuring tapes and sophisticated devices. It incorporates features like remembering the distances measured previously, performing various mathematical operations, measuring unit conversion and many other. It’s pocket-sized and lightweight, and in some cases comes with a belt holster! Measuring distances never been easier.

Next on our list is usually a combustible gas detector. General Tools offer a great device, model PNG2000A, that is certainly capable of detecting gas main leaks. It is often a very handy tool when installing or servicing gas systems within a household. It has visual and audio alerts that warn of the high gas concentration. Comfortable shape, small size, and great functionality – what else do you require?

Moving on a must-have when you use wood or moisture-susceptible materials – an MMD3E moisture meter. It is employed for determining moisture level and moisture resistance of materials, that’s crucial for correct calculations and material testing. It utilizes pin to appraise the data more accurately. Ergonomic design, small size, and light-weight weight allow this piece of equipment to be carried within a pocket or over a belt, whichever is much more practical in your case.

A device that is certainly necessary when installing or repairing electrical networks is usually a multimeter. Electricity grids explain to you all buildings, and malfunction can result in great damage and injuries. This device can be used by servicemen and construction workers around the world to analyze networks and devices and detect malfunctions. DMM53FSG multimeter is made for any type of application. It has 32 measuring ranges and is particularly resistant to fall damage, that produces this gadget both reliable and useful.

And last, although not the least, there exists a video scope. DCS660A by General Tools, it’s really a gadget of the many functions. It captures the playback quality and displays it around the monitor in real-time, plus records it later, or takes still pictures (when necessary). It may be used in the dry areas and water-filled zones, making it perfect when repairing or installing plumbing systems, or inspecting flooded areas. It’s not exactly pocket-sized, however it incorporates a case, and you could carry it on the belt or in the small bag.